Kindred Spirit


Recital program

My friend is a music therapy major at Mercyhurst, and she had her senior recital today at the Walker Recital Hall. She sang songs from various periods, from the eighteenth century until the past century. Some of the composers included Mozart, Brahms, and several that I had never heard of. She also sang in several languages, including German, French, and English. She performed nine songs, which were divided into four sections, with accompaniment from one of her professors on the piano.

My friend is a soprano, and I love the way her voice gracefully glides over the notes. I had never heard any of the songs prior to her performance, but my favorite song was “Ah! Je veux vivre” from Roméo et Juliette because her voice glided up and down several scales perfectly. However, every song she performed was excellent. Even the sad songs about unrequited love sounded beautiful and pleasant when she sang them. She received a standing ovation at the end of her performance because she put on an excellent performance.


My friend receiving a standing ovation

The program contained a lot of useful information to better appreciate her performance. Because many of the songs were not in English, she provided the lyrics to those songs in the original language and in English. She also provided information about the composers, including short biographies and information about their most famous works.

At the end of her performance, she and three of her friends performed a song together as a surprise. She sang with two of them, and her other friend accompanied them on the piano. My friend prefaced the song by saying that it is a song that she performed when she was a freshman in high school, but it still means a lot to her. Other than “Ah! Je veux vivre,” this was my favorite song that she performed because the song had sentimental value to her and because she and her friends performed the song perfectly. I loved the harmonies because they seemed effortless, even though they probably practiced them for hours. I also liked that she surprised the audience with the song because it probably had a lot of significance to people that knew her when she was in high school.


Some food from the reception

After her performance was over, she held a small reception in the lobby with desserts that she made. The food included chips and dip, a vegetable tray, cupcakes, three types of banana muffins, two types or brownies, and more. She is an amazing baker, so everything she made came out perfectly. However, my favorite thing that she made was the banana muffins. I also enjoyed both types of brownies.

I loved my friend’s performance, and I am proud of her for accomplishing so much since she was a freshman. Although she was an amazing singer when we started college, her singing has improved drastically since then. This performance shows her growth as a singer and performer. I am excited for what she will accomplish in the future because she is talented and deserves to be successful.


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