Mercyhurst Women’s Hockey

Before Saturday, I had never been to hockey game, professional or collegiate. Because Mercyhurst is known for its hockey program, it would be a shame if I did not go to a single hockey game during my time here, so I was able to go to Saturday’s 1pm Mercyhurst women’s hockey game against Robert Morris University with my roommate. The final score was tied 3-3 after going into overtime.


Mercyhurst’s womens hockey team

The teams’ scores remained close throughout the entire game. Mercyhurst scored the first goal, followed by Robert Morris scoring the second goal in the first period. In the second period, Mercyhurst scored one goals, and Robert Morris scored two goals. Finally, Mercyhurst scored another goal in the third period to tie the score. Neither team scored during overtime, so the game ended in a tie.

Although I do not know anything about hockey, the game was still exciting for me because of the fast-paced action and the closeness of the game. The two hours and fifteen minutes that the game lasted flew by for me because the speed of the women’s skating was astounding. Their ability to quickly jump over the wall to get on and off the ice was fun to watch. It was also fun to watch because the puck was always so close to one of the teams’ goals, so it seemed like a goal was always imminent. This made the game especially exciting to watch because the score was close throughout the entire game. A goal could be score any second, which meant that the current winning team could change at any point throughout the game.


Mercyhurst and Robert Morris at the goal

Another part of the game that I enjoyed was being able to see and hear the Mercyhurst pep band perform. Because they are seated next to the bleachers I was sitting at, I was unable to see most of the band, but I enjoyed watching the percussionists and the students conducting the band. The music that the pep band played added to my experience at the game because it added an exciting soundtrack for the game, and it helped me follow what was happening on the ice because the band would play celebratory music when something good happened for the Mercyhurst team.

I also enjoyed watching the team spirit that both teams had on the ice. When they scored goals, the players on the ice would hug each other and celebrate, and they would high-five their teammates on the bench. The members of both teams were able to make their passes appear effortless because they did not need to make obvious signals to their teammates that they wanted the puck. They were simply able to pass the puck, and the teammate was able to catch it before it went to a member of the opposite team.


Final score

Overall, I enjoyed the experience I had at my first hockey game. The time flew by for me because of the excitement of the game, although I did not know anything about hockey before going. Just by watching the game, I learned a lot about the rules of the game, and I think that I will be better able to understand future games that I watch because of my experience.


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